March Training Summary (337.36 miles)

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337.36 miles in 36 outings in a time of 51:55:55 with an elevation gain of 29,803 feet at an average heart rate of 139.

Arrived in Leadville last night. Hadn’t been here in a few weeks. Driveway was snowed in. This was the first time I couldn’t ramp it and make it in with the Hummer. So everyone walked up through the snow to the house. Then Sydney and I spent a couple hours cleaning it the driveway.


I feel very bipolar about March. Totally depends on the day you ask me…how’s your running going? It is either spectacular or a total failure. I am not good at having neutral emotions I guess.

The good: I got out for some longer weekend trails runs in concert with a few weekday outings as well. Those were a great staple. I ran every single day of March. I am not streaking but I have run every day since I came back from the shot. There is something good about the daily rhythm. And that rhythm is pretty consistent. I haven’t really done short and long days. They are all medium averaging 10.8 miles per day. On top of that, I had a few hard efforts where my body just showed up and I went with it. The warm weather has really helped make me want to get out more.

The bad: I feel in limbo on the hip. Its better some days and others it hurts. I am icing and exercising but that’s about it. It doesn’t really stop me but its not helping motivate me at all. Driving my car is the real bitch. It hurts in that position the most. Hurts during the workday in the chair. Hurts when I fall asleep. Its not sharp pain but a dull constant ache that won’t leave. I think I will attempt to go back and seek professional help this week. I have been putting it off because its hard to go in and say “it sorta hurts”. I want it to break or get better. I am not resting it for long periods or days off because that did not work last December. Running seems to loosen it up for the day. Anyway, this lingering issue keeps me from wanting to put anything else on the calendar but the LT100. And at times, I question whether that is even a reality. Why line up if I can’t achieve the goal this time because I am limited by this. Luckily, I still have over 4 months until its go time.