Weekly Training Summary (59.73 miles / 8:18:59)

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So it was supposed to be a recovery week per the standard “on 3, off 1” model. I wasn’t really sure I would take it when I wrote the summary last week. However, this week just didn’t go as planned running-wise. I have been pretty solid since the 1st of the year so I am not going to get too worried about it. Just felt off coming out of the weekend. Then I spent Monday night through Friday night in California for work. We had full day 9-6ish type events each day followed by dinners and team events. Sort of tough to find the time to run. Was trying to get up at 6 but I wasn’t getting to bed until midnight. Plus, the weather in California sucked. It was rainy and cold. Frankly, I was spoiled with those 70 degree days back home before leaving. So all of that combined just took me out of the running mood while I was there. I need to be grateful to the mother-ship so its good to be fully engaged while there. Just glad it coincided with a recovery week I suppose.


Mon – 10M: Crappy day. Felt sick in a “I have been poisoned” sort of way.

Tue – Mission Peak: Woke up in California. Rain stopped so I went for the usual climb while there. Nice and wet and muddy. Saw the sunrise from the top. Best run of the week but I only get about 6 miles out of the R/T there. Didn’t have time to pin on extra miles as I had to get to work.

Wed [AM] – 3.5M: Tried to get up early and go back to Mission Peak but it was pouring rain outside and dark. So went to the hotel fitness center and tried the treadmill. Nearly fell off and said fuck it and left. Maybe run in the evening?

Wed [PM] – 7.23M: Late evening run after dinner and 3 games of Lasertag with my team. Ran in the dark with no headlamp on the creek path. Nice comfortable outing until the end. My ankle felt like it was locking up.

Thu – 5M: No evening event so I decided to sleep in a bit and try the run at night. Maybe the rain would stop as it did the evening before? Nope. Treadmill at the hotel late evening. Totally phoned that one in. Just wanted to keep the streak alive. Was hot and bothered the whole time. Went to dinner after and then straight to bed by midnight.

Fri – 7.66M: With the rain, I didn’t want to slog Mission Peak in the mud then pack my wet stuff in my luggage for check out. So I opted for a drier creek path run.

Sat – 10M: Back in Colorado. Felt the normal back from sea level sluggishness.

Sun – 10M: Much better today yet it wasn’t fast. Met JV for lunch.

Sun [PM] – Bike: What? Yep, the family took a bike ride and I pulled the 2 youngest in the trailer. Doesn’t count for running miles but I like to think that put me over 60 on the week in some fashion!


Training Load 2011-03-27

This: CTL = 97; ATL = 115; TSB = -18

Last: CTL = 95; ATL = 125; TSB = -30


Nothing new really. Hip feels about the same. Not bothering me on the run but I can’t verbalize exactly what’s going on in there. Just feels tight. Like its swollen or something. I get weird nerve sensations in my leg from time to time. Probably should head back to the doctor but not really sure where they will make me go next. Its not really impacting my runs so kind of hoping it either gets better or worse. But its staying the same. Another week?


Man, last weekend, I was ready to race and show off to the world. Today, I was like…eh, whatever, whenever. I am in no hurry. Not racing makes me feel sort of complacent these days. I just run for me and my enjoyment. Not really having any specific goals in the short term. I was thinking about LT100 race day today and I have mixed emotions. I just want to finish what I started. Not sure where I will go after that. Don’t really care. I have more interest in just being in the hills cruising than I desire to race to the finish line. This could just be recovery week talking. Not sure. I definitely felt a spark when we had those warm days and I could strip down and feel fast.