Weekly Training Summary (73.86 miles / 12:04:13)

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Mon – 10M: Tired from Saturday? Or its just Monday.

Tue – 10M: Picked up some speed during.

Wed – 10M: Easy.

Thu – 9M on Green: Spring conditions.

Fri – 10M: Crappy.

Sat – 14M on Boulder 8ers: Decent day. Climbs were hard.

Sun – 10M: Easy day.


Training Load 2011-03-21

This: CTL = 95; ATL = 125; TSB = -30

Last: CTL = 92; ATL = 128; TSB = -38

Cumulative Training Load (CTL), which is the purplish line, is starting to curve to a plateau. This is what I would expect as my weeks remain consistently the same. Acute Training Load (ATL), which is the red line, seems to be holding in the 120s. This may be a max range for a while unless I up my efforts in regards to time or intensity within a weekly block. Training Stress Balance (TSB), which is hard to find on there, is the difference of the ATL and CTL. It rose this week a bit, meaning I am less stressed. That’s probably true.

I don’t use this graph to primarily drive my training. I use it to visualize it and then provide feedback into where I want to go for the next week combined with other factors. For example, the graph shows that I have now completed a 3 week block of steady training. That usually indicates I should go for a rest-ish week to let myself absorb the training. That is the standard protocol. However, unless I have an excuse to do that, I try not to follow that program. If I am feeling OK, I try and maintain levels. My belief is that this forces the body to adapt. To recover given this stress its currently under. The graph is all based on HR so if the same load gets easier, I believe you are adapting to it which probably means you have gotten stronger which probably means you have recovered.


Frankly, at the start of the week, I wasn’t able to predict what I would write here this week. I was having trouble sleeping again. I was icing a lot. Things were on the fence. However, over the course of the week, things just seemed to focus elsewhere. Tired quads. Stuff like that. Runs consisted of the inner whining on other things. Funny how you wait and wait for the pain to leave, then when it does, it takes like a day before you take it for granted again.

Both ankles, tib ant and tib post, all feel really solid.

Right hip didn’t bother me on a single run this week. I still feel soreness when falling asleep and often while driving. Its no worse than before. But it just doesn’t like to sit still in those positions for too long. Its tolerable but I am hoping it will subside. My hip did flare post-run a time or two this week but upon closer inspection it wasn’t the iliopsoas freaking out. It seemed to be referral pain to the other tendons in there. Maybe iliopsoas is back in business and the other guys are now having to work again? I will continue to monitor however I still feel that if I had to go run a PR marathon tomorrow (which I am not) I would tear something up in there. Its not ready yet for a peak performance.


I purposely cut out the 2-fers this week. Had a “what am I doing” moment when my hip was freaking out last week so I decided that its much smarter to stick to the core plan. No need to push more miles when I might risk something.

Ran 25% of my miles this week on trail going up or down. That felt key. A double Green Mountain day used to be a rarity. Would really have to think about that one. Now its called Saturday. And throw in a Bear and/or SoBo too. And still be walking afterward. Been finishing those runs and it just seems like it was getting good. Glad to see that change occur.

Travel week. Who knows what I can expect.