Run: Boulder 8ers Figure 8 Deux (14.03 mi)

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Chatauqua-Baseline-Amp-Saddle-Greenman-Green-Green Bear-Bear Canyon-Mesa-Shadow-Bear-Bear West Ridge-Green Bear-Green-Ranger-Gregory-Baseline-Chautauqua

Same plan as last weekend but changed up the route so I could intersect GZ on his run from home to Bear and back. Arrived before 9. Was gearing up in the truck when somebody knocked on my door and told me to turn down my awesome music. Who are you? A runner obviously but everyone always has on hats and glasses and you can’t ever tell who is who. (My first real non-running meeting with JV had us not recognizing each other because we were dressed “normal”.) Turns out it was Mike Hinterberg AKA MAH AKA Front Range Rambler. Mike has been a solid commenter on my blog over the years and even won that Boston survey I did. Good to meet him in person. He asked me if he could join up with me. No problem. Amp was a workout today. Haven’t climbed it outbound in a long time. Still heavy in the quads from Thursday. We made it up despite the ice and me sliding all over the place in my no grip Minimus shoes.

Green Mountain

From there, it was down via Bear Canyon and out to Mesa. Mike was there to run Mesa so I delivered him back to it before saying goodbye and heading up Shadow. I had been watching GZ’s tweets and I was behind schedule or he was ahead or both. I saw he had 30 minutes on me as I headed up Shadow so I tried to push it but was dead on that climb. Hell, its hard to run that canyon fresh! Made it to the top and made the call to avoid SoBo today because its all snowy and I have no traction. Plus, I guessed GZ was already at Bear. So Bear it was. About 1/2 over, I ran into Homie and Tim who said GZ was 30 seconds back. We stopped on the trail and had a nice chat. Mtnrunner2 was with GZ. Discussed a lot of good worldly stuff then said goodbyes. GZ was twatting that he saw me I am sure!


From there, I quickly ascended Bear (not really wanting to). Then it was back to Green. Quads were heavy on the climbs. Amp/Greenman plus Shadow took it out of me today. Didn’t feel as spry as I did last Saturday. Oh well. Tons of hikers out on Green though by that time. Fun to run by a few and get those “oh man” comments. But after a while, their lack of knowing how to get out of the way and general “let’s setup camp in the middle of the trail” got annoying. Made it back to Chautauqua and did a loop in the park just to round out the mileage.

Wore the Minimus today even against advice I was given. Sucked on the ice of course. Great otherwise. Until Bear Green on the way back. My socks got wet somewhere on Mesa (I think) and the balls of my feet were getting that white feeling. Almost stopped to just take off the socks but decided not to because I was also getting small pebbles in my shoes today and it was better to grind those into my socks I figured. By the time I was done, I kind of felt like I ran a 50 miler given the way the bottom’s of my feet felt. Guess I saw the limit but I still think it was moisture related. However, I think this was good training because it takes a lot of miles (too man) to get your feet feeling like that usually. Training them harder at lower distances should help harden them up so I don’t have a foot pad disaster like at LT100 last year.

I went 14.03 miles with an elevation gain of 5,791 feet in 03:36:02, which is an average pace of 15:23. Heart rate average was 139. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.