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I get emails from people who are interested in running Leadville. Whether its the 100 mile race to the marathon, they have questions. I have been diligent about posting my race reports, training, and more but it tends to be spread out across my blog. Plus, there are a ton of great resources floating around online that are good reads as well. But you can’t always find them as they are buried in the cracks of the interwebs. So given that I have self-appointed myself as a Leadville tourism supporter given my recent land purchase up there, I wanted to create a place where people interested in Leadville could share stories, tips, resources and more. Hence, the ideas for was born.

Run Leadville

But Brandon, I have a blog/Facebook/Twitter/etc. that I already post to…why here? Great! Post away. You can configure your profile on to pull in that data. Your old high school friends, grandma, etc. don’t want to hear about your running every day. But your fellow runners do! So bring your content over here via new posts or cross-posts to your blog. It just gives a place for you to share with other people that think running a 100 miles is normal. This is a home for you and your kind of people.

I haven’t finished all the things I want to do on this site yet but I figured I would put it out there to my blog followers to get the ball rolling. Sign up and post your pics, links, videos, and other resources. Let’s share our passion for running and Leadville.