Love For The Cisco TelePresence Directory

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Telepresence Options, a blog about all things Telepresence, awarded the 15 Best Video Network Infrastructure Solutions of 2010. They didn’t rank between the 15 but simply posted in alphabetical order. Check out #4! That was my baby for the past couple of years. #3 is brought to you by a sister team of mine. Both from our business unit within … Read More

Weekly Training Summary (71.16 miles / 10:12:29)

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I run this town… Good mileage and time jump this week. Finally back to double digit hours. We had sub-zero temps in Colorado at the start of the week so I spent the time indoors on the treadmill. Got out mid-week and then finished by putting in some time at 10,000 feet. The breakdown: Mon [AM] – Treadmill 10M: Its … Read More


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That’s a strategy! Moved some positions around this past week. Here is my current line-up. 20 is about the max I can tolerate and (pretend to) stay on top of things. That leaves me 1 slot if I get an itch. AAPL: Its never going to stop. AEP: 5.2% dividend. Kids. College. My Dad used it on me. Repeating. AMZN: … Read More

Run: Turquoise Lake (6.45 mi)

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Total whiteout. Roads not plowed yet. Yet it was time. Part of me wants to just buy a treadmill for Leadville. The rest of me knows that this would be a mortal sin. I headed out and thought I might run towards the Fish Hatchery but quickly realized that LC 4 was a mess. So I headed down LC 9 … Read More

Road To Recovery – Visit #5

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Previously, previously, previously, previously. Its been a couple of weeks since my last visit with Jeremy. So today was the follow-up and the last in our series of appointments. We sat down for most of it and talked through how things were going. 2 issues with totally different outcomes so I will break them up. Ankle Basically, its back. But … Read More