Rev Theory @ Bluebird Theater / Denver, CO / 2011

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Previously, I took my eldest daughter to see this band. That was a great day. My sister, Natalee, was in town for a ski weekend. It just so happened to be the weekend that Rev Theory was coming to town. I had taken her to a metal show back in December after NF50. But that was in SF. This was … Read More

Ski Weekend

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Natalee came to visit for the weekend so it was time for my annual trip where I strap on the skis and go down the mountain. I have said this before but I like to ski but the barrier seems to be high enough where its hard to draw me out of the house to do it anymore. Lots of … Read More

Road To Recovery – The Shot

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Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously. Today was the day. We got Sydney off to school then the rest of us headed down to University of Colorado Sports Medicine for my ultrasound guided cortisone injection to the hip. They required me to bring a driver so it became a family event. As mentioned before, this procedure has some risk associated with … Read More

Weekly Training Summary (80.18 miles / 11:42:38)

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Who me? No, not thinking about anything in particular… Reagan got those glasses for being in school 100 days so far this year. A solidly average week. Pretty comfortable with the totals and the stress of it. Hadn’t hit 80 MPW (except LT100 race week) since 5/24/10. That’s when I started to taper for SJS50 then raced then the hurt … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (9.56 mi)

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I haven’t been to here in 30 days exactly. So given I was actually in town this weekend, I wanted to get back to Boulder. JV and I went up the back at a casual pace. I was working and labored through a few sections. Time away from the hills requires payback. Started spinning my wheels a bit in the … Read More