February Training Summary (236.00 miles)

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236.00 miles in 25 outings in a time of 33:50:08 with an elevation gain of 9,964 feet at an average heart rate of 140.

Leadville Sledding

…plus additional miles dragging tubes and kids up a hill at 10,000 feet only to go flying back down!

The 2nd month of 2011 has come to pass. This year is flying by. But what’s the take away from this month? Well, the mileage really dipped down due to the shot/rest week where I only got 15 total miles. The other weeks were all pretty solid baseline weeks though. So given things were a bit out of my hands on that, I will call this month a success. Its early in the year anyway I don’t want to be burning out come summer.

Comparing against the old me, I was -20 miles on last February’s total. But that one was injury free and I was on the hills a lot more enjoying the snow. So I am roughly 50 miles total now below my 2010 volume at this point in the year. I think I will make that up as the year goes on but March 2010 was one of those awesome “coming of age” months in running for me. Will have to keep on my toes to get that one beat this year.

Feels good to be running pain free — well, at least the usual suspects are happy now. Feeling very slow these days but that is probably deserved given the way I am training right now. It seems very beneficial for ultras but not so much if I want to bust out a 5k. I may change that up a bit once I gain a little more confidence. I know that a hard/fast effort would put a lot of strain on things and I don’t want to do that until I am in the clear. I don’t want a relapse. I want a recovery.