Weekly Training Summary (70.21 miles / 9:54:59)

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Hey injury! Blow me.

Snow Blower

The first thing I do on arrival into Leadville each week is clean the driveway. We get a ton of snow but it compresses a lot during the warmer temps of the days. This is my big green machine that I use to get the job done. Its powerful but it still gives you a workout trying to wrangle it through the deeper stuff.

Anyway…first full week back after last week’s shot and rest. Felt pretty normal all week but with less pain. Was able to get the baseline of 70 in with a rest day in there as well. Energy faded late in the week. Overall, pretty happy with it given my travel schedule for the week wherein I slept 3 different places.


Mon – 10M: Starting back up after the shot/rest week.

Tue – 22M: Longest run since NF50. Hurt after 2.5 hours in. Hip was mad. Settled a bit though.

Wed – 10M: Surprisingly steady after running long the day before.

Thu – Off. Up at 6. Meetings all day. Late flight home. In bed at midnight. No time to run.

Fri – 11M: Kind of tired in the quads and lungs.

Sat – 6M @ 10,000 ft: Back in Pb, but only had an hour. Entertaining guests. Sucking wind for quite a while.

Sun – 11M: Back home early so ran my usual route. Lunch still digesting. Ouch.


Training Load 2011-02-27

This: CTL = 69; ATL = 90; TSB = -20

Last: CTL = 61; ATL = 72; TSB = -15

After the down week last week, it was time to start building again — slowly. So it was a standard baseline week at 70 miles with a rest day in there. The TSB spiked down to -25 after that long run but came back up due to the off day and low load on Saturday. That’s fine. A couple weeks and I will have it down into the -40s again.


If you take the long run out of the story for a moment, I am perfect! My run on Sunday consisted of me feeling crappy because of my late lunch in my gut still. At about mile 10, I thought to myself, “I haven’t even noticed my hip”. It was feeling great. No problems. I would hestiate doing some speedwork because that would surely aggravate it a bit. And I know that this relief isn’t completely true given the drugs will wear off in 30 days. The question will become, “is it healed by then?”.

Now, on that long run, things started to hurt like normal at 2.5 hours. I shouldn’t have run that as I said in the post. It happened. Oh well. Probably won’t attempt another for a couple weeks. But hopefully, the healing gets me past that. I was feeling like “screw running” during that moment in the long run. Calmer thoughts have entered my mind now and I will continue to give this more time so that the results can come to me.


The Leadville Trail 100 sold out this week! I am no historian but I think this is the first (maybe 2nd) time this has happened. But I doubt it was this early in the year. So the field will be just as big as last year but I wonder if its make-up will be different. More rookies? More Born To Run fans? Who knows. Staying concentrated on my game. Looks at splits this week with Brooks from the 2010 race. Need to dial those in. Want to get out there and run section to section and take PRs. Then sum those up for a virtual PR time on the course. Just curious if it even comes close to The Rocket. But the big takeaway from my splits was that I ran well for 1 section, then poorly until mile 60 because of the injury, then I walked 40 miles. Holy hell. If I manage to run closer to 100 (minus the obvious sections), its going to be a much different race for me. BTW, JP informed me that he would only be pacing a section or two this year. So I might need a little help from my friends. Let me know.

Toying with tune-up races but still haven’t signed up for any. The motivation isn’t really there plus I don’t want to start thinking about races until I think things are surely recovered. Maybe there won’t be a solid point but I see the light at then end of the tunnel. I just want it to get a bit brighter before I start running towards it.

Temps look warm again for this week. Not traveling (that I know of yet!) so I should be able to focus and get some good days in. Feels like we are over the cold portion of the winter now. But it will still be awhile before I put my feet on dirt in Leadville. Plenty of snow still lining the mountain sides. Starting to think of spring…