Weekly Training Summary (15.27 miles / 2:05:18)

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I was due for a rest week in the cycle and I timed that with the hip shot and a visit from my sister to make for the lowest mileage week of the year. I am posting this summary so that I can keep the bookkeeping up to date.


Mon – 10M: Last run before the break. Wanted to go for more but figured it wouldn’t matter so bailed on it.

Tue – Shot: Doctor’s orders had me off the hip, icing a bit, and just relaxing. Things felt pretty good all day. No pain from the shot itself really.

Wed – 0M: Still off. Showered in the morning first thing! Whoa. Felt like a normal person. Went to parent-teacher conferences. Hip really didn’t bother me other than when sitting.

Thu – 5M: Nice day out so I wanted to get out just for quickie to stretch things out and get the fluid moving around. Thought I was going to die as my feet and calves just burnt. Hip didn’t make any noise. Drove to Leadville with Natalee late night. Hip still doesn’t like driving.

Fri – 0M: Ski day! Copper Mountain with Sydney and Natalee. Got my workout. Weird muscles hurt.

Sat – 0M: Ski day! Cooper Mountain with Sydney, Reagan and Natalee. Got a real workout with Reagan between my legs all day. More muscles hurt.

Sun – 0M: Why start running on Sunday in Leadville? That would suck. Headed to Denver to see a show with Natalee and Brooks.


Training Load 2011-02-21

This: CTL = 61; ATL = 72; TSB = -15

Last: CTL = 69; ATL = 111; TSB = -41

Didn’t even get back to 0 on the TSB! Geez. Kind of wanted to have the graph “come up for air”. ATL fell way off of course. Hoping this rest week in February helps things out and allows me to push harder through the next set of weeks. I should try to incorporate more of these rest weeks from time to time. Quickly makes you feel like a wuss but its the right thing to do to prevent the wrong things from happening.


Guess its wait and see now. Jeremy said 7 days until most of the effect from the shot will be felt. Then 2 weeks post-injection before returning to normal volume. Going to see how things go this week with it and go from there. Hoping I can stop talking about this now. Its getting old.