Weekly Training Summary (80.18 miles / 11:42:38)

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Who me? No, not thinking about anything in particular…


Reagan got those glasses for being in school 100 days so far this year.

A solidly average week. Pretty comfortable with the totals and the stress of it. Hadn’t hit 80 MPW (except LT100 race week) since 5/24/10. That’s when I started to taper for SJS50 then raced then the hurt began. Its been a long time. Questioning myself a bit but that goes with the territory. Staying with building this aerobic base. Gets hard wondering if I am ignoring stuff like speedwork when I see others doing it or talking about it on newsgroups. But we all have different schedules so I need to stick to my plan, not theirs.


Mon – 10M: Happy to be outside on a warmer day before another storm moved in.

Tue – Treadmill 10M: Its going to be a long winter.

Wed – Treadmill 10M: Stayed inside again.

Thu – 10M: Funny how the treadmill felt labored but today I was a minute faster a mile outside and it was cake.

Fri – 10M: Is it summer?

Sat [AM] – Green Mountain: Up with JV. Not fast. Ankle and hip issues.

Sat [PM] – 5M: So nice out how could I pass up the 2-fer?

Sun – 15M: Went for something longer just to get the number where I wanted for the week. Felt bonky near the end.


The chart is starting to build. Someone asked how to graph this. Its all done in SportTracks and based on HR.

Training Load 2011-02-13

This: CTL = 69; ATL = 111; TSB = -41

Last: CTL = 54; ATL = 83; TSB = -34

Got a good pop this week despite those two days on the mill. Those days don’t exactly feel easy but it doesn’t get me a lot of points on the chart. I get the max for a Green Mountain day and that feels less difficult in the grand scheme of things. Not getting too hung up on it. I still enjoy using the chart to be sure I am being honest with myself. Building TSB and then letting it drift back for recovery. Anyway, felt pretty decent even with this increased load. Had some fatigue on Sunday but wasn’t anything great. But it did feel good to teeter on bonky for a minute. A reminder of things to come. Finally got “the look” this week from Kim when I headed out on Sat PM and Sun so I know I am back into a good volume level.


The ankle is still doing well. Didn’t like the snow on Green but it survived. Frankly, the wedge in my shoe is hurting my heel more than anything. Been sleeping in my boot, icing daily and continuing to do my exercises every night. I have some nagging pain up the calf still but this is never during the runs. Always at work or while resting at night.

The hip still has been under the surface but as I wrote on Saturday, it was starting to hurt by 2 hours of effort. I couldn’t race an ultra on it as is. That cemented the decision to go ahead with the shot this week. Its odd that I am running 80 MPW on it. Got some flack for that. “You are hurt but running that load?” Well, I have adapted to what works for it. It would have been pretty easy to pull 100 MPW by adding some more 2-fers this week but I don’t see the value in them right now.


Very excited to see the performances at the NOLA Marathon this weekend. Mostly JT pulling a 2:53. Glad to see him recover his marathon mojo and pull off a PR. Watched his workouts as he hit the track a bit. Makes me wonder what I could do if I committed to a marathon program again. I haven’t felt interested since Boston but maybe again one day. Got ultras on the mind for now.

On the topic of long runs…summer plans are firming up. I am starting to think that mid-June would be a good time to host a 50Kish effort up in Leadville for friends. My initial thought is to start at my place, go east through town, up and over Mosquito Pass and down into Alma. The turnaround would be GZ’s place. Likely an early AM start to avoid the mid-day storm possibility. Since its out and back, there would be obvious ways to cut the distance. The other candidate was a summit of the two highest 14ers in the state. The Elbert-Massive combo. Run one then the other. Back to back.


Not really sure what this week will do. Its going to be warm here this week but as luck would have it the shot is Tuesday. I am expecting not to run that day. First rest day since 1/22. No worries. No clue about the day after. See what the doctor says and how it feels. Guessing I might have to ease back into things a bit. Natalee is coming out for the weekend so I expect to do some skiing and ignore my running duties. This all lines up with a good cyclic schedule. Been lowering the TSB for a few weeks now. Time to let it come up for air. Then pound it back down even harder with some 100 MPW loads if the hip responds to treatment and the weather continues to be excellent. Primed and ready.