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That’s a strategy!

Moved some positions around this past week. Here is my current line-up. 20 is about the max I can tolerate and (pretend to) stay on top of things. That leaves me 1 slot if I get an itch.

AAPL: Its never going to stop.

AEP: 5.2% dividend. Kids. College. My Dad used it on me. Repeating.

AMZN: Selling more eBooks than real books now. Make over in play.

BRK-B: Why not? Core.

CHK: NatGas is still not taking off. Nice recent jump on some land deals here in Colorado.

CROX: Turnaround complete? Managing inventory better? Still holding a bit but its all profit.

CSCO: The “bestest” stock ever. Duh! Wondering if IPv4 to IPv6 will create a Y2K-ish panic that sends the price up?

F: American motors are all making moves again after bailouts. Must profit from government intervention.

GLW: Gorilla Glass? Use it everywhere.

GS: Owners of the free market. Or world.

HAL: BP? Everybody forgot about that. Almost back to all time high!

LUV: Every seat is always full on every flight. Still not charging for bags.

NFLX: Redefining your entertainment delivery. Again. “Remember when they used to send DVDs in the mail?”

NUE: Long time position. Getting beat overseas. Tiring.

NYX: Loved by all. Price doesn’t reflect it. Next to go?

PNRA: That was a nice double bounce! Until quick casual hits other states, I need a play.

SBUX: My wife alone could keep them in business. Not to mention all the other addicts.

SIRI: Still underwater but its coming back. Sentimental recovery at play for me. Bad decision but I am riding it. Still a justifiable play for me. 20+ million subscribers and growing.

SSD: Recovery. Investment. Build.

Still beating the market? Check.