February Training Summary (236.00 miles)

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236.00 miles in 25 outings in a time of 33:50:08 with an elevation gain of 9,964 feet at an average heart rate of 140. …plus additional miles dragging tubes and kids up a hill at 10,000 feet only to go flying back down! The 2nd month of 2011 has come to pass. This year is flying by. But what’s the … Read More

Now Playing Plugin

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I was getting a few too many people buying the wrong version of the plugin so I opted to setup an alternate domain at nowplayingplugin.com with a splash page that gives them the choice of editions. Hopefully, this clears things up. Nothing too fancy but I tried to make the page concise with the logo, a sample, and links to … Read More

Run: Cisco to Mission Peak and Back (21.73 mi)

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I found out late last week that I needed to be back in California this week. I scheduled all my travel as usual but over the weekend it was denied because of an approval timing snafu. So on Monday, I was alerted to this and re-booked the travel. Unfortunately, due to the immediate departure and increased cost, my boss’s boss … Read More