Decorating The Cabin

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Its the biggest one I could fit in my truck. I agreed to this because we aren’t getting TV service. Just for movies at night. Has Netflix built into the TV. Gets a little quiet up there once the sunsets in the winter and its sub-zero outside.

Road To Recovery – Visit #1

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Time to get fixed. Had my appointment this morning at Colorado Sports Chiropractic Center. Met with Dr. Rodgers and went over my 2 issues, hip and ankle. Described the symptoms. He did some various tests on me — ya know those that make you feel weak and stupid at times. Jump on one leg. Walk on your tip toes. But … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.11 mi)

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Got back into Colorado last night after a messy flight. Landed 40 minutes early, then sat on the runway for 65 minutes waiting for a gate. Got off the plane to zero degree temps. Plus, nothing like 12 days off of running. Then being at 1,000 feet for all of it. That should make for a great New Years Day … Read More


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There is only a single objective for 2011. No multi-level goals. Nothing else matters. I will return to the Leadville Trail 100 and claim what I rightfully believe is mine. The big buckle! How will I do this? A) Get better. As noted, I think I was in the ballpark for achieving this in 2010. I don’t think the formula … Read More