Run: Leadville (9.02 mi)

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Not even 48 hours after the 6.5 hour drive to Longmont, I got back in the car and headed back to the mountains during a snowstorm. People were complaining on Facebook about hours and hours to commute back home. Good thing I was going the opposite way. Roads were snowy and a bit slick which slowed things down but the … Read More

Road To Recovery – Visit #4

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Previously, previously, previously. Back in the office today. I was supposed to go twice this week but now can only make it once. So Jeremy packed a full hour full of stuff for me. Did the ultrasound on the hip and on the ankle. Talked through mechanics of running while that was going on as well as an in depth … Read More

Ultrarunners Unite

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This video is making the rounds but I wanted to post for my non-Colorado friends that are interested. Boulder Trail Runners (BTR) hosts some winter speaking events in a very tight/small room at a restaurant in Boulder. I went last year and saw 2 great talks. One on footcare by Jeremy, the doctor I am currently seeing and another on … Read More

Ready to Ride

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When we first moved to Colorado in 2001, I wanted a way to explore trails. Running didn’t come along for 4 more years. So we bought ATVs and moved about Colorado on 4 wheels. Kim and I had some great times. They also worked well for people who visited from out of state. Lots of fun doing tours around my … Read More

Leadville Ice Skating

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On Sunday, the kids decided they wanted to go ice skating. This time Kayla and Kim joined us. Previously, they were in the middle of nap time and didn’t join our snowy adventure on the sledding hill. Leadville has a nice ice skating park at the west end of 5th street. Its a couple bucks and you can rent skates. … Read More