Run: Martin Street (13.26 mi @ 07:43)

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My old loop from last spring. Sailed through it. Held pace about where I wanted for today. Effort feels a tad harder than HR shows. Ankle felt great the whole time. Hip flexor started to heat up on the final 2 miles, which one was fastest of the day then its uphill to the finish. Felt good to go a … Read More

Run: Leadville (0.00 mi)

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My family arrived last night. Glad to see them as I get a bit stir crazy by myself here for a few days. Had the driveway cleaned off for them and all. We lit up our first fire in the new fireplace and everyone gathered around. Kim and I watched a movie on Netflix then went to bed. Woke up … Read More

Run: Leadville (6.23 mi)

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Hit the Mountain View Drive loop again. Ran it to Harrison, then to 6th, then home. Nicer loop but still short on the daily distance. Next time maybe go through town to McWethy. Anyway, ran it faster than prior visits. Nothing amazing. Snowing the whole time. Grinding up the road makes for a good run. Surprised it doesn’t gain more … Read More