Weekly Training Summary (62.22 miles / 8:36:44)

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Its just a flesh wound


Woke up at 6 for Friday morning’s run in California so I could get it in before our day long summit meeting. Laced up, put on headphones, started GPS. Took about 10 steps and went to turn the corner and fell flat on the deck. My elbow broke the fall. Ouch. One of those moments when you know you should have stayed in bed. Sucked it up and ran the run but mentally was off. Ended up going over to Walmart and buying hydrogen peroxide and big band-aids. Performed a medical procedure over a trash can in the parking lot before work. Then through out the day, I would notice it was oozing out of the band-aid. So I would go to the bathroom and repeat the process. Gross.

The breakdown:

Mon – 8M: With JV on the St. Vrain Greenway. Good to run solid for an hour. Maybe longer with him next time.

Tue – 13M: Slower, longer effort. Longest run in a while. Felt good. Never tired. Injuries held at bay until the end.

Wed – 10M: In California, highest effort (TRIMP) of the week. Odd.

Thu – Mission Peak: Easy hill day. Worked on footing.

Fri – 7.5M: Fell at the start of the run. Messed up my mojo for the rest of the outing. Nothing hard. Cold and foggy out.

Sat – 5M: Back in Colorado. I can’t breathe. Short run was all I had time for.

Sun – 10M: Decent loop. Debated doing a long run instead but opted not to so that I can progress easily and not spike and set myself backwards.

This felt like a solid week. Still told to stay off the hills but got one in while in California. Theirs aren’t as tall as ours so they don’t count…or that’s what I told myself. Got a couple faster efforts in and some longer slow stuff too. Basically just trying to get up over the time spent per day from prior weeks. The ankle is doing just fine. It hurts when I am not running but pretty much NEVER while I am running anymore. My hip is a different monster. Its not hurting but its aching. Its subtle but its right under the surface telling me that if come any closer its going to put the hurt on me. Its going to take longer. Anyway, feeling much more like myself although the total mileage is still off a bit for this time of year. Surely, that will change in the coming weeks. So how does it stack up? Graph time.

Training Load 2011-01-30

TSB is at -34. That’s about where it was last week. That means I am maintaining about the same stress on my body. That’s probably OK at this point. I am not trying to do a deep cycle here so staying a decent steady level of stress is kind of what I am going for. The ATL (acute) and CTL (cumulative) values are both going up and to the right. They are doing it around the same slope so that’s why the TSB is saying the same. So it makes sense again because I am increasing my time/effort/miles pretty consistently for now.

The odd part of this graph that I dove into commentary on last year was how its doesn’t make ultrarunners feel that good about training. I could easily go do some balls-to-the-wall laps around the block and produce a bigger badder graph that would make me look much more worked over. Its all HR based so high HR over small amounts of time get you big points. That’s not my goal. Just hoping to continue to drift up for months and months until summer rolls around. Interesting to note that the latter part of the graph has me running longer and and less effort than the earlier part of the year. Guess that makes sense. Fitness is returning.