Road To Recovery – Visit #4

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Previously, previously, previously.

Back in the office today. I was supposed to go twice this week but now can only make it once. So Jeremy packed a full hour full of stuff for me. Did the ultrasound on the hip and on the ankle. Talked through mechanics of running while that was going on as well as an in depth discussion of Mercedes Benz diesel engines. The guy knows the body and his cars! My wife’s car blowed up so he was sharing some knowledge and experience on the topic. Always fun to talk with him as we have a lot of things in common.

Then it was going back over my drills. A set of them for my ankle. Another set for my hips. Then another new set today to build more hip strength. All slightly different. Some produce no immediate pain. Others produce lots of it. Good to be able to do something that isolates it and you feel it. We talked a lot about how things need to play out now that I have the pieces all in place. Worked through the scenario that happens late into a run when I get tired and get lazy and things start falling apart. Hopefully, these exercises will build strength and I will be able to carry myself longer and further. I left there today pretty jazzed about the possibilities for later on. Starting to feel like I was held back before from my poor mechanics and this new me should have a clean runway ahead.

So I am now on my own for 2 weeks. I just need to keep doing what I am doing and gauge it day today. As it feels better, I can increase volume. But no snowy trails or uphills just yet. The injury is “smoldering” at this point and we don’t want to restart the fire. OK. I have the time. Just need to keep on the program now and see how things pan out with a little more dedicated focus to it. By the end of the month, I should have a great sense of where I stand. Jeremy is much more convinced though. He sees it over and over again and my case is mild compared to others he has treated. I am in good hands.