Run: Green Mountain (6.11 mi)

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Got back into Colorado last night after a messy flight. Landed 40 minutes early, then sat on the runway for 65 minutes waiting for a gate. Got off the plane to zero degree temps. Plus, nothing like 12 days off of running. Then being at 1,000 feet for all of it. That should make for a great New Years Day run!

Its now 2011 and the countdown is on. I have my hip appointment on Tuesday so I am not going to get too nutty until we get a diagnosis. How about a Green Day? Last year I hit it on the 2nd. Let’s try the 1st. Summit #1 on 1-1-11.

Green Mountain

Just to be safe, I brought my pacer, JP! Had seen him since just post-Leadville so it was good to catch up with him. Always a lot to talk about — except on the up. We were both working. Ran it until The Steeps then went to the hike through the drifts and on to the summit. Traction was iffy. The snow isn’t packed down yet. But there is enough of it so it should improve rapidly.

Green Mountain

It was 8 degrees according to the H2 when we went out. I dressed heavy and used it at the top but didn’t need it on the down as much. Oh well. Hell, I even wore pants. I am such a pussy.

Green Mountain

As we came into the Gregory Trailhead, we ran into a guy named Aaron(?). He asked the magic question — Are you Brandon Fuller? The one and only. JP got a kick out of that because this was the phenomenon at Leadville. We haven’t hung since then. First day back, I get it again. Loved it. However, Aaron dropped the news that the Rocket, Jerker, and G-Off had went up before us. He saw them at the summit. So we didn’t top out first for the year but we are tied for the lead on summits! Until tomorrow. Or maybe later in the day if the Rocket got bored.

One of those days where running seemed exciting until the reality of the freezing temps hit me as I got out of the truck. But that quickly fixed itself with the heat bubble and good company!

I went 6.11 miles with an elevation gain of 2,535 feet in 01:54:20, which is an average pace of 18:42. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.