Rev Theory @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2011

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Tonight was KBPI’s Mistletoe Jam; Plan B. Plan A was last weekend with GnR. Did 10 people even go to that show? Check out the pictures of Axel. Anyway, this was the true Christmas rock show tonight. 6 bands. $10 ticket. Extreme Turbo Smash WTF. A band appeared on stage in animal costumes and started playing some hard core metal. … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (6.02 mi)

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Up the front, down the back. Wore spikes for every step from Chat. Snow is beautifully setup now. Packed and tracked. Hiking was a bit harder today. Guess I am working again. So winter is here and I…didn’t hate it today. I flipped my mentality this week in advance of the new year. Gotta get moving on this training thing. … Read More

Flying Fish

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My parents decided I needed to have one of these for my birthday. I had not seen these things but Sydney knew all about it. We had to leave him in Indiana with them though. But I bet he will show up in a box here one of these days.

Man Shit

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I try to steer clear of home improvement stuff most of the time anymore. It drives me crazy. Why? I live in a world of bits and bytes. When I don’t like them, I delete, debug, refactor, iterate, compile, de-compile, test, measure, etc. Feels like taking clay that is eternally modifiable and getting it just right. I enjoy the freedom … Read More

Golden Ticket

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Still feeling sort of like Charlie in Willy Wonka… Probably should start planning a bit this week on logistics. When do we leave? Where do we stay? Who’s coming? Who’s pacing? Who’s crewing? Who’s running? Oh wait. Any tips appreciated.