Run: Green Mountain (6.66 mi)

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44 times up Green on the year. No record for my friends but my most ever. Its a bit of a drive for me so I can only get there as time permits. I wished I lived closer but I have to trade-off the total of drive time vs. the run time that I could get by staying closer to … Read More

All Work, Little Play

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I left for Leadville Thursday night. This was the big weekend where everything comes together. I had a 6×12 U-Haul filled with the last of the furniture. A couch, 2 recliner chairs and other miscellaneous stuff. Wyatt and I made good time and stopped at Dillon for Smashburger. I now officially chose the chicken sandwich there 4 out of 5 … Read More

With The Boss

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John and I had a little chat Monday morning. Second time I have been in the room with the man. And this was the first time I had the balls to ask for photo op. Can I get a raise?

Epica @ DNA Lounge / San Francisco, CA / 2010

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The kids didn’t have a plan for Sunday night so I asked, “How about a metal show?”. They were in — probably because they serve alcohol at the venue. Headed over to JWZ‘s DNA Lounge. So it was a 4 band line-up. All international groups. All metal. First up was BlackGuard. I enjoyed their set. The lead singer was amped … Read More