Death To All

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So as it turns out, everyone who came into contact with this virus got nailed. We had about a dozen people reporting they had various forms of the puking shits. I got lucky(?) and never got it fully but felt like I had a bad case of food poisoning. Never puked. Maybe I should of but I would have been forcing it. Spent my days sitting in a fetal position writing thousands of lines of code for a side project while breaking for watery shits. My Dad summed it up when he said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to puke, shit, or die…or all of them at the same time. Anyway, everyone seems to be over it now and its about time to go home.

This gave me a decent excuse to not run over the past few days. I had played with the idea of an extended break once again to heal but this conveniently gave me the excuse. While others are reporting losing pounds during the sickness, I surely have gained. Haven’t eaten more but I am not burning calories. Found myself eating a single meal 2 days ago and still feeling full.

Made an appointment to go see Dr. Rodgers upon my return to Colorado. Time to get serious about getting fixed. Its not healing by itself as I already knew. Been doing legwork while laying on the floor and I can now pinpoint the weakness in a few moves. The best is simply laying on my back and bringing my knee up to my chest to stretch. My hip snaps hard at only 90 degrees. The other hip does not do this. A random diagnosis says I have a labral tear of the hip joint. That’s a non-vascular injury which apparently means it won’t heal. Surgery is the only cure. Hope that’s not it I suppose but I like definitive answers.