Let It Snow

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This video was making the rounds today. Posting here for those that don’t follow the blogs I follow…and my Mom.

Back in November, when we had snow on the mountain, a groupish run occurred on Green. We found Tony out there with Joel from Running Times filming a little winter running movie. Shows what we like to run on in the winter. However, that snow has come and gone and we haven’t gotten the real layer that we have come to expect on the trails for the winter here. Hopefully, soon.

I love the steadiness of the camera during the running segments when Joel is moving too. Its hard to replicate that with my Flip. Need motion stabilization and some other tricks. Sometimes I feel like I want to get back to shooting more video of runs. I really put that away this year in the hopes of focusing on the run itself a bit more. Probably a good thing but I sort of missing capturing the moment and sharing it. Maybe I will do more of that this spring in Leadville since they are trails that not everybody has been on.