Run: Green Mountain (6.66 mi)

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44 times up Green on the year. No record for my friends but my most ever. Its a bit of a drive for me so I can only get there as time permits. I wished I lived closer but I have to trade-off the total of drive time vs. the run time that I could get by staying closer to home. Thought I would easily average once a week for the year but all those travels days and adventures in other places over the summer left the total lacking. Oh well.

Green Mountain

It was sunny yet chilly out there today. My legs lacked any fire and my lungs were not helping. A few weeks away and this hill beats me down. I planned on meeting JV for the run but he had the opportunity to sleep in. As a fellow parent, I can appreciate that so I let him off the hook. My hip is still not cooperating and my ankle burns. Pretty much my right leg is no good. I have been kind of pushing through it but enough is enough. At 5 miles today, I was ready to be done. I need to start actively working this problem again. Its not going away.

I really wanted to chase a rounded off mileage number for the year but I have decided against it. I am back to longing for the days of pain free runs and I know the ability to do that will be paramount to my 2011 performances. Tired of excuses. So with that, I will take the year for what it was and not try to cram some other stupid superficial goal into it. Plenty of time for that next year!

I went 6.66 miles with an elevation gain of 2,533 feet in 01:35:55, which is an average pace of 14:23. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.