All Work, Little Play

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I left for Leadville Thursday night. This was the big weekend where everything comes together. I had a 6×12 U-Haul filled with the last of the furniture. A couch, 2 recliner chairs and other miscellaneous stuff. Wyatt and I made good time and stopped at Dillon for Smashburger. I now officially chose the chicken sandwich there 4 out of 5 times. Its so good. The manager and staff know me by name and give me free drinks. I hadn’t been there in about a month and they still recognized me.

Arrived at the cabin and the driveway was decently cleared. My plow guy did show up. I hired him over the phone and hoped I could get in the driveway when I arrived. I unloaded what I could but the heavy furniture would have to wait until I found help.

First project of Friday morning was the basement door replacement. Nothing wrong with the door but it was a sliding glass door and we had come up with other ideas on the basement’s use. So I had a nice steel french door installed instead. Now the opening is big enough to drive my ATVs right inside! Tricky. Hoping to get them up there soon and see how this comes together and go for a snow ride around the lake.


While this was going on and I was trying to work, the carpet installers called me. They are lost. Oh…and what’s that? You are stuck in the snow and don’t think you will get to our job today now? Screw that. I talked to the guy for 10 minutes to figure out where he was. He was 2 miles from my house. He attempted to drive up County Road 9A which is just a dirt road used for ATVs and stuff. Nobody lives on it. So I jumped in the H2…but I have this damn trailer on. Ugh. Backed out of the driveway and went out to find the guys. Located them and was able to help them get unstuck. H2 to the rescue. I took them back to the house but in the process I got stuck in the snow as well. The trailer wasn’t helping. So I sent them on as I got the winch out and hooked myself up for a rescue. The truck had slide off the shoulder of the road and the right side was buried in deep snow and the trailer was too. So I pulled myself up onto the road by winching off a tree that was on a forward angle from the truck. Got that done and was glad I had remembered to bring the control cable for the winch!

Back at the house, the carpet guys were in full swing, the door guy finished, and a plumber showed up to service the boiler. Around 5 PM, Kim called and was on her way but the roads were getting worse. She was getting into slow traffic by the tunnel and I was hoping they would make it in before I-70 was closed down. The interstate ended up closing at Copper Mountain, which is our exit! So they were able cross Fremont Pass and get to the cabin. During this time, I was working like a maniac to setup the kid’s new wood bunkbed. They were so excited about it and I didn’t want to disappoint. So I worked and setting them up solo which is a challenge. I got the carpet guys out of there but before they left I talked them into helping me carry that couch in for some cold hard cash. They accepted. We got that done and I was back to the beds. Got the mattresses thrown on as I saw lights coming down the road. Yeah. The kids came in and instantly went in and looked and were excited. I just sat on the chair panting after rushing for the last few hours to get this all to come together.

I wanted to go to bed at that point but found energy to setup Kim and my bed upstairs. No more mattresses on the floor. Got that done and finally got to bed after midnight. That was a long day.

We had breakfast at our table for the first time with it uncovered.


It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy the morning view. It snowed all night last night and there was plenty of snow for the kids to play in today while Mom and Dad did more work.


The kids were outside for quite a bit and I went out and joined them for an hour mid-day. Sydney and I built a cool snow fort. We took a big cardboard furniture box and cut a door in it. Then we cleared and area for it in the snow and set it up. Then built a whole entry way with firewood logs and branches over the top. Followed that up by putting tons of snow on it. Now it looks like an igloo. After it gets a few more snows on it, it would be spectacular. However, then we got back to work clearing the driveway a bit while the kids tried to clear off Mom’s car.


So we finally feel like we are moved in. Furniture in nearly every room. Bathrooms are not quite done yet. One more project to go them some cleanup. I ran zero miles this weekend in Leadville and I think I am more worn out than when I ran that big race there. Hopefully, some relaxation time will come soon once the startup work comes to an end.


The snow there is so refreshing. Kim and I laid in bed and just looked out the window at the view with the snowy pines all around. However, once the weekend is over, we drive back to Longmont and its totally dry out and there is no snow to be found. Its like a winter wonderland just miles away and its great to be able to escape there, enjoy the snow, then return to more boring conditions for the week.