A(nother) Year In Running

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Last year was 2232. I knew this year had to be higher. I had a loose goal of getting to 3000. And while I didn’t achieve that, I feel like I could have if things would have held together in the fall. But with an injury, a real estate purchase, and cooling weather, it didn’t happen. Plus, chasing miles is … Read More

Death To All

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So as it turns out, everyone who came into contact with this virus got nailed. We had about a dozen people reporting they had various forms of the puking shits. I got lucky(?) and never got it fully but felt like I had a bad case of food poisoning. Never puked. Maybe I should of but I would have been … Read More

What’s wrong with this picture?

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My wife is sick in bed. Puking on the hour. Kayla is filling her diaper with pools of brown liquid quite often. My Mom is sick in bed. Puking too! So is my Dad. So is my mother-in-law. It’s 24 degrees out but feels even colder. I am at McDonalds at the playground with the kids. Had to get them … Read More

Let It Snow

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This video was making the rounds today. Posting here for those that don’t follow the blogs I follow…and my Mom. Back in November, when we had snow on the mountain, a groupish run occurred on Green. We found Tony out there with Joel from Running Times filming a little winter running movie. Shows what we like to run on in … Read More