Run: Tabor Boat Ramp (8.18 mi @ 09:19)

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Nice warm day up in Leadville. Everybody was going to the grocery so I opted to take advantage and get my run done. Left the driveway and got about 1/4 mile and stopped. I was flush and out of breath. Should have been a sign. We got about zero sleep because of Kayla that night and I was just off. … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (9.00 mi)

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The stairs to the summit…release me. On Tuesday, I had the brilliant idea of running the loop in the opposite direction. Once a route becomes fun, easier and predictable, its time to change. So I decided to go clockwise today. This would mean a more gradual ascent followed by a steeper final descent. The run up the road out of … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (9.00 mi)

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Felt like I was just there. Good day to be out. Hey, winter…suck it. You haven’t shown yourself down here yet. Solid climb but it wasn’t quick. I have my climbing gear back now. Nice mild ascent. Felt like I ran the return/descent pretty good too but only cut a minute off the last time I did this route. Should … Read More