Run: Green Mountain (9.02 mi)

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Only time for 2 more Green Mountain runs before the NF50. Got started at the usual time and it was warm then cold. Depended on where you were on the mountain. Sun exposure. Wind exposure. I stopped 2 or 3 times to drop or add a layer. Sort of annoying. Saw JV in the Gregory parking lot in his fat … Read More

Run: Belle of Colorado (7.52 mi)

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Back up to the cabin late Friday night. The truck was packed up to the max again with things to install, deliver, fix, etc. We never have enough room for everything each week. The dog gets the short end of the deal by having to ride on the passenger floor on the way up. Kim bought a crib for Kayla … Read More

Pick Me, Pick Me

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There was no doubt in my mind… The Western States 100 has become the ultrarunning Superbowl, if we have such a thing. Its legendary. And with my finish at Leadville this year, I got myself a qualifier. However, lots of people want to run this race so there is a lottery to select the 369 runners. And a handful of … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (9.09 mi)

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Um, where did the Indian Summer go? First snow run of the year in Boulder. There have been dustings of the trails to date but nothing interesting. Finally a small amount of snow to cover the trails and remind us that we are not supposed to run shirtless this time of year anymore. I was feeling pretty off today in … Read More


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“Wasn’t once enough?”, they ask… I have a score to settle with myself. I think about it every day. Its going to be different this time. I proved I can survive it. Now its time to race it.