Mac App Store Fails For Plugins

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Given the success of the App Store on the iPhone, it was no surprise it would come to the Mac. So I figured I ought to try and put my Now Playing plugin into the App Store. See if it generates some additional revenue over my direct web site sales. Bad news. Doesn’t work for plugins. I kind of had a hunch that it might not be an easy situation but I thought I would give it a shot.

Along the way, I got a taste of the issues to come and some pains of selling through the Mac App Store:

+ Must install into /Applications. This is the main blocker for me right now. Plugins for iTunes go over in /Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins. They won’t let me install there so I am stuck. Could install into /Applications but it wouldn’t do anything and would probably be rejected. Thought about trying that just to open the discussion.

+ Versions can’t be four decimal places ( That’s what I use. Would have to move my apps to three (1.2.3). Just a small nit because I would have to change all my plugins because I use a common scheme across them all.

+ Software protection is Apple’s scheme, not yours. They are using an App Store Receipt mechanism that you have to write code to check and block. I would have to tear out my protection mechanism (because any apps with them are rejected) and use this. Bad news is that causes me to create two forks on my app if I want to keep selling it direct. One for App Store license and one for my normal licenses.

That’s what I have gotten through so far. Probably more roadblocks to get into the promised land but for now plugins are not welcome so I figure I should spend my time on other things. Wasn’t sure how many I would sell through the App Store anyway being that this plugin is a little more advanced that your average app. But wanted to find out.

So I am out $99 for joining the program. Petitioning Apple for a refund.

Reference: Apple Developer Forum thread on the topic