Run: Green Mountain (6.59 mi)

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MT100s. Went late morning to avoid the rain. Trails were wet. Still pulled off a shirtless ascent but it was cold by the top. A bit of snow on various logs at the top but not on the dirt. Felt kind of decent to the cabin but and kept the run on after but lost time. MT100s were slipping everywhere … Read More

Run: Molly Brown (7.12 mi @ 08:39)

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The kids were off school on Friday so we left for Leadville for a longer weekend. Made it to Frisco for some lunch and found the temps to be much cooler than when we left home. Its been so nice and warm in the mountains during the day for the past few weeks. I guess winter arrived! Kim bought a … Read More

Run: Green Mountain [BK/BK] (5.55 mi)

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MT101s. New shoes. No issues. Felt grippy but they are new. Felt better in the heal but might just be because they are stiffer? Otherwise, the mountain broke me again today. Getting pissy with it now. Only solution in my mind is more trips. I lost something I had there earlier in the year. 50th summit. I have a bunch … Read More

Run: Turquoise Lake From My Driveway (17.59 mi)

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Been home from Norway for a few days now and was itching to get up to the new place! We bought mattresses before we closed because they were on sale. They were delivered yesterday. So I spent the morning getting my ATV trailer cleared off so I could transport a large stack of comfy beds up to Leadville. Kim let … Read More