No Boston For Me

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After a busy day in Leadville, we got home tonight. Cats somehow got locked in the bedroom so there is a mound of piss and shit on the bed. Tons of work to get caught up on. Emails, voicemails, etc. No worries. Got it all done. So finally I sat down to register for the 2011 Boston Marathon which opened … Read More

Run: Leadville Fish Hatchery (10.08 mi @ 08:28)

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Didn’t run on Saturday. Picked up a U-Haul trailer so we could drive all over the state and pick up furniture at a variety of places. Ended up with 2 full loads that we had previously purchased. Got it all back and loaded into the basement of the cabin until painting is complete so its out of the way. Getting … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (8ish mi)

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MT101s. I borked my watch along the way and this came up short by a 1.5 miles or so. Oh well. Big straight line on the GPS map after the Green summit. Was out with Twin Daddy for the first time since the births. Good to see him. He ripped it to the top and came back down to find … Read More