Run: Leadville (0.00mi @ 0:00)

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I had to be in Leadville today to meet the carpet measuring dude. So I got in late Sunday night and had the place to myself. Always cold and slightly creepy still. Just crashed in my clothes after doing some late night work. Awoke to the pitter patter of rain on the windows. Eh, I will wait and run later. So 8 AM rolls around and the rain starts whipping. The wind starts howling. And everything goes cold…and white!


The first snow on the ground for the year. Its been totally dry on the ground up until now in Leadville at 10,000 feet. The snow had only been sticking to 11,500 or 12,000 feet-ish. It ended up snowing all day. My shorts and little MT100s would not cut it today. Oh well.

The drive home was brutal along Highway 91. Total white out. Couldn’t see anything. Slow and steady. Finally hit I-70 and it was much cleaner. I was driving full speed and everyone else was in winter mode. But I had just been through much worse — like stop on the road bad — so this was nothing the H2 and I couldn’t breeze through. Back home to drier climates…for now.