Run: Molly Brown (6.95 mi @ 08:38)

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Scheduled a bunch of contractors for the same day up in Leadville. So after a long day of work on Wednesday and some acupuncture, I hit the road at about 9 PM. No traffic, of course. Made it up there in under 2 hours I think. Pretty quick. Unloaded everything into a quiet and cold house.

Curled up in bed and worked for a few more hours until I started dozing off. Had to be up at by 8 AM for a 6 hour meeting. On TelePresence, so I couldn’t fake it. Throughout the day, I met with 4 contractors. I called Kim via Facetime and gave her a visual update on everything we got down that day. Pretty cool to just roam and show her.

Then everyone was over at my parents house for my Grandma’s 91st birthday. So we did some video conferencing with her to say hi.

Finally I was done and had just enough time to squeeze in run to the lake before the sunset. The view of Mount Massive with the dark clouds and pending snow was awesome. It feels like a ghost town out by the lake though. Spooky, kinda. Got back and hopped straight in the truck and was home by 8 PM. Ate Smashburger on the way — liking their chicken now.

Kind of cool to escape and get some stuff down — but sort of lonely and too quiet when I was all by myself.

I went 6.95 miles with an elevation gain of 453 feet in 01:00:06, which is an average pace of 08:38. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.