No Boston For Me

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After a busy day in Leadville, we got home tonight. Cats somehow got locked in the bedroom so there is a mound of piss and shit on the bed. Tons of work to get caught up on. Emails, voicemails, etc. No worries. Got it all done.

So finally I sat down to register for the 2011 Boston Marathon which opened this morning. It was sold out. Gone in 8 hours and 3 minutes. Last year it was open for 62 days or so. This was a record quick time. Very surprising. Caught me off guard. Everyone was talking about it on the interwebs.

I had loosely planned to return to Boston for 2011. It was the place of my best performance of 2010 so I started itching for a repeat. It seemed a bit shallow though. What would be the goal? Shave a few minutes off the PR? OK, interesting but not monumental. I wasn’t ready to commit to a 15 minute PR or anything like this year. Those minutes would be harder to come by. So I conceded to return in 2011, enjoy Boston a little more, and run a decent race. Its an honor to be there they say so why not.

Well, why not — cause its sold out. I am cool with it. Just surprised. I have other plans for 2011 but most of them involve lotteries. My fate is not in my control.