Run: Green Mountain (8ish mi)

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MT101s. I borked my watch along the way and this came up short by a 1.5 miles or so. Oh well. Big straight line on the GPS map after the Green summit. Was out with Twin Daddy for the first time since the births. Good to see him. He ripped it to the top and came back down to find me. I was pretty steady today. Finally ran start to finish for the first time this fall again. A little speed and I could PR. Fun to run back a different way via Bear Canyon.

While waiting for JV in the Chautauqua parking lot, I opened my door and was lacing shoes, listening to music, drinking water, etc. A lady came over and asked me why I needed to idle my engine. Sort of confused I just said something about music and preparing. She explained carbon emissions to me and my impact on the environment. Later, JV asked me if I punched her or told her to fuck off — neither. Getting old I guess. I just said “thanks” to her.

Went to needle time again today. A solid hour on the table week after week is paying off. For the first time, we didn’t spend the majority of the time on my hip. Mostly calves and lower to work those ankles.

Kim got asked by a lady at the kid’s school what my job was. She refined her question to “Is he a professional runner?”. Kim’s answer: No, but he thinks he is.

I went 6.51 miles with an elevation gain of 2,763 feet in 01:18:01, which is an average pace of 11:59. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.