Run: Green Mountain (6.59 mi)

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MT100s. Went late morning to avoid the rain. Trails were wet. Still pulled off a shirtless ascent but it was cold by the top. A bit of snow on various logs at the top but not on the dirt. Felt kind of decent to the cabin but and kept the run on after but lost time. MT100s were slipping everywhere on the wet rocks. Boo. Good to be out. No bears.

That’s snow on that log down there. See it!

Green Mountain

Haven’t been blogging much lately about my running state of mind. Kind of keeping it to myself for now. Planning and scheming while healing. My hip is pretty much good on runs now all the time. It still hurts other times of the day. It really hurts the most at night when I lay down to sleep. I have to fall asleep on my back or stomach. I can’t lay on my side or it hurts too bad. Right now the biggest issue is my right ankle. It just feels overstretched. At about an hour of road running, it gives in and I have to limp it home. Not sure what to make of it other than I have been running exclusively in MT100s since Leadville to build up foot strength and give those big blister holes something to think about. The ankle does not bother me at all on Green. Softer terrain or maybe its that its not a road with a crown to it. Hoping it goes away soon because its dampening my spirits a bit right now.

Green Mountain

However, I think I am going to race again this year…

I went 6.59 miles with an elevation gain of 2,534 feet in 01:21:49, which is an average pace of 12:25. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.