Run: BBMM 2010 (20.77 mi)

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Previously. It was that time of year again. The BTR fall group run otherwise known as the Basic Boulder Mountain Marathon. Last year, it sucked balls with a huge snow dump just days before. However, this year, I might say it was a tad hot for fall running. Looked like we would have a good showing even though a few … Read More

Run: Leadville (0.00mi @ 0:00)

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I had to be in Leadville today to meet the carpet measuring dude. So I got in late Sunday night and had the place to myself. Always cold and slightly creepy still. Just crashed in my clothes after doing some late night work. Awoke to the pitter patter of rain on the windows. Eh, I will wait and run later. … Read More

Run: Molly Brown (6.95 mi @ 08:38)

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Scheduled a bunch of contractors for the same day up in Leadville. So after a long day of work on Wednesday and some acupuncture, I hit the road at about 9 PM. No traffic, of course. Made it up there in under 2 hours I think. Pretty quick. Unloaded everything into a quiet and cold house. Curled up in bed … Read More

Run: Green Mountain [BK/Bear] (9.00 mi)

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Only going to be around for 1 Green up this week so I figured I would make it a bigger one. I liked that loop JV and I did the other day but I was bummed that I fubbed the watch. So why not do it over and not fuck it up. Parked at Chautauqua since that makes it a … Read More