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Went to see Allison again today. 2nd visit. Would have went closer to the 1st visit but I have been away. I was on kid duty this morning so I put Reagan to work (and to keep her busy) taking pictures of the session. Oh, the pain! Hamming it up for the camera. Pink puppy got to come sit with … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (5.18 mi)

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MT100s. JV and I hit the hill. After a week at sea level and a month away from Green, I felt it. Got worked! Had to walk the upper switchbacks. Need to get back there more often once this travel crap settles down. 43 up. Oh and the god damn bear signs are back up. And JV saw a rattlesnake … Read More

Run: Union Reservoir (8.65 mi @ 07:42)

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Rucky Chuckies. Randomly grabbed this old pair of shoes. Felt like getting a different ride today. Nice and warm today. Felt the sea level lungs at mile 2. Stopped to stretch and relax. My lungs are expanding into my rib cage and pinching. Hurts. Once they settle back down, all is well. From there, I moved pretty good although I … Read More

Run: Mission Peak (5.73 mi @ 09:52)

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Got out of my workshop at 5 PM and was ready to run. It was cloudy and cool. Good temps for running but me likes some sun. Took 60 minutes to get to the trailhead and be ready to run even though its only a few miles away. Traffic sucks here. I was used to it when I lived here … Read More