Run: Tour of Oslo 3 (6.44 mi @ 08:42)

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MT100s. Ted (the boss man) joined Glenn and I this morning. He hadn’t seen the park so we ran there again. Did a loop then brought them back to the hotel. Then I ran to the water and through a castle to round out the hour. Pretty standard run. Felt fine. Easy effort. Spent the whole day in a room … Read More

Run: Tour of Oslo 2 (7.34 mi @ 08:11)

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MT100s. Slept perfectly last night and even woke up on my own 5 minutes before the alarm! Glenn and I got up before the day began and got our jog in. We left just at sunrise. I took him back over to the park with the naked people statues, which I referred to as the naked people park. He was … Read More

Run: Tour of Oslo (8.45 mi @ 08:58)

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The flight from Newark to Oslo, Norway was direct and pretty uneventful. I sat and watched movies basically. I wasn’t tired. I was too crammed in to work on my laptop because the guy next to me had his elbow in my ribs and the seat in front of me was fully reclined. They had movies on demand so I … Read More

Another Dream Come True

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Been purposely quiet and vague on this for months but its over. As I was sitting on the runway at the airport in Newark, NJ, this evening, my wife was left with the final task in a seemingly long chain of events that ultimately made this thing…OURS! In years prior to 2010, Kim and I have debated the merits of … Read More

Run: Green Mountain [BK/BK] (5.58 mi)

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MT100s. Wanted to get up Green at least one more time before heading international. Ran better than the other day when I was here but I was mildly distracted as I had my phone and was listening to a conference call during the entire run. Multitasking. Never saw a single person. I could feel the bears watching me and planning … Read More