Where Did I Get My Speed?

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I thought I “grew it”. Turns out its from my Mom!


This weekend she opted for the 4 mile course at the Fort Wayne Fort4Fitness race. She has walked the 1/2 marathon before. So I figured, she was just going to walk the shorter course this year. She is getting old and all. But then tonight she goes on to tell me about how she broke an hour and how it was such a great time. Wait…a…minute. An hour? Its pretty tough to walk 4 miles in an hour. That means there must have been some running involved! Sure enough, she alternated the walk and run to finish in under 55 minutes! That pretty much put her in the top of her division as I see it. Way to go, Mom!

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Maybe she will want to pace at Leadville next year? I wasn’t even going that fast at the end!