Run: Tour of Oslo 5 (5.02 mi @ 08:47)

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Had to leave for my flight by 7 AM so I got up at 5:30 to get a few more miles in before a long day of travel. Nobody was out as it was dark. The roads were empty. Pretty peaceful. Enjoyed having the town to myself. Ran along the water then looped back through the city. They were setting up barricades for the marathon which started in 6 hours or so. Too bad I didn’t make that part of the trip. Oh well.

Left for the airport in good shape and took the train there. Such a nice quick ride. Wish we had more trains like that in the US. Got asked 20 questions by security at the airport. Everyone does. Got some breakfast and my soda exploded on my pants. Nice. Wet pants for a cross-Atlantic flight. Sat next to a big Swedish dude that didn’t know the arm rest means the divide between his space and mine. I crammed myself in a corner and coded for the entire flight. My hand hurt so bad when done but I got 3 days of work done on that flight. A view of the map…we flew over Greenland!


Did US immigration and customs in Newark. Pretty view of New York out the windows there. After getting my bags through customs, I had to recheck them for Denver. Then go out of the airport to re-enter and go through TSA. What a pain. Long lines. Would have cut out a ton of time if I didn’t have to do that. Finally, got back in Denver and my family picked me up. Its 4 AM Oslo time by pickup. Long day but it didn’t feel that bad. No exertion so I did good.


Was excited to see everyone and I made sure to bring presents. They all liked them so I did good. Oslo was fun. Not a major European destination. Plenty of other places that are probably better to visit — nearly all the locals struggled when giving suggestions on what to do there. However, it was my first European trip after all these years on the planet. Glad to have done it. And I will probably be back for work or play some day soon.

I went 5.02 miles with an elevation gain of 279 feet in 00:44:04, which is an average pace of 08:47. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.