Run: Tour of Oslo 4 (7.08 mi @ 08:29)

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MT100s. Took Ted back out to the park on another loop. Kept the pace down at his request. Chatted about life, houses, work, and running. Always a lot to talk about. Made it back to the hotel and dropped him off. Then did a few more miles as I ran up near the university and back. Trying to keep getting in a solid hour every morning. Hard to wake up an earlier as the days are long at work.

Back at the office, we spent the day in meetings once again. Saw a cool demonstration of some immersive TelePresence stuff. We all asked when we could have one. Thomas brought in some snacks for us. They are salt-covered black licorice shaped fish. Um, yuck? But we all tried them. I ended up licking the salt off then eating the licorice as usual. The more I did it the more I got used to them.


After work, we went over to a bar that was jammed with people. Had some brew then proceeded nearby for dinner. The place didn’t have an English menu so they just told me what options I had. It was a fancy place that served by the course. I just had the main course of cod. Was pretty good. Don’t think I have ever eat that fish before since I usually stick to my old favorite salmon. I was almost falling asleep at the table by the end of dinner. The long day and jetlag were messing with me.

Got back and fell asleep and was awoken 5 minutes later by Kim. She was up in Leadville getting our keys and heading over to the house for the first overnight. No furniture or anything so I hope the cops don’t show up and kick them out. Nobody has been in this house for a couple years so she has a lot of work to do up there this weekend. Hopefully, I can get there soon myself.

I went 7.08 miles with an elevation gain of 342 feet in 01:00:12, which is an average pace of 08:29. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.