Run: Tour of Oslo 2 (7.34 mi @ 08:11)

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MT100s. Slept perfectly last night and even woke up on my own 5 minutes before the alarm! Glenn and I got up before the day began and got our jog in. We left just at sunrise.


I took him back over to the park with the naked people statues, which I referred to as the naked people park. He was confused yet quiet the entire run over because I later found out that he thought actual naked people would be there. Like vagrants or something. Once he saw the statues, I think it made more sense.


Then we came back the same way. I dropped him off and ran more to round out the hour. All feels good except the right ankle feels like the ligaments are out of whack. I ran over near where we ate dinner last night which is called Oslo City Center. At the end of the block, there was an old building called “The Sorting”. I came to learn that this is their government assembly building.


Around this area, the looks were very European.



From there it was back to the hotel because I had to get ready for work. Had a great buffet breakfast at the hotel then we got a cab to the office. Its 15 minute ride out of the city or so.


Drank 3 or so Pepsi Max sodas to keep on my toes all day. Didn’t want to have jet lag sprout up during the meeting. Spent the day with the team and in between sessions we shared trivia about random things including Norway. Had questions that needed answers as we visitors from the US are always curious.

Random stuff I learned:

+ Tipping isn’t really done here. Not by the locals. Usually the Americans do it out of habit but if they don’t know you aren’t American, they don’t expect it.

+ They serve fermented fish but only later in the year.

+ The place has lots of museums but nobody that lives here goes to them.

+ Some companies lease BWMs for their employees as a benefit of employment.

+ This country is the 3rd wealthiest country in the world! The oil is used to generate money that funds their equivalent of Social Security. So they don’t use the youth to pay for the old people, they rape the earth.

+ Their pension fund from that money is the 2nd largest state-owned fund in the world and is equal to their GDP. It controls more than 1% of the all the publicly traded shares in the world.

+ Cost of living is about 30% higher in Norway than in the United States.

+ National Geographic has listed the Norwegian fjords as the world’s top tourist attraction.

+ Their taxi system works by pushing a button on a credit card looking terminal device. A receipt is given with an ID. A cab shows up and verifies your number. Then you are off. No phone calls.

+ Their palace is not guarded like our White House. Random trucks with trailers are all over the place. You can run right up to it. Try that at the White House.

We worked until 8 something then headed out of an empty building. Let us Silicon Valley folks show you how to do a work day. Headed over to a tapas place for a late dinner and beers. That’s a day. More of the same tomorrow.

Found out the Oslo Marathon is on Sunday. I leave Sunday AM. Oops. That could have been fun. A 2:35 won it last year. Hell, I could have been Top American! Guess that will have to wait.

Haven’t been able to talk with Kim since I got here. Too hard to match up times. Kind of weird and I miss everyone back at home.

I went 7.34 miles with an elevation gain of 402 feet in 01:00:08, which is an average pace of 08:11. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.