Run: Union Reservoir (8.65 mi @ 07:42)

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Rucky Chuckies. Randomly grabbed this old pair of shoes. Felt like getting a different ride today. Nice and warm today. Felt the sea level lungs at mile 2. Stopped to stretch and relax. My lungs are expanding into my rib cage and pinching. Hurts. Once they settle back down, all is well. From there, I moved pretty good although I felt like I had to grab at the road instead of just floating over it today. Quad was sore from Mission Peak days prior. Haven’t downhilled hard in a while and it showed. In the end, I feel like my injury has pretty much subsided for now. Its still on the mend but hopefully it won’t slow me down as long as I don’t ramp it up too hard. Feels a bit like normal fatigue…except I am rested.

Got my expedited passport back! Ready to travel next week. I thought the comparison from the 2 photos was rather interesting. Now and 10 years ago.


I went 8.65 miles with an elevation gain of 129 feet in 01:06:39, which is an average pace of 07:42. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.