Run: Mission Peak (5.73 mi @ 09:52)

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Got out of my workshop at 5 PM and was ready to run. It was cloudy and cool. Good temps for running but me likes some sun. Took 60 minutes to get to the trailhead and be ready to run even though its only a few miles away. Traffic sucks here. I was used to it when I lived here but now it seems like a major clogging factor to the happiness factor. However, I was mildly entertained the whole drive. I left the office and had an itch. Then another. I noticed an ant on my hand. Odd. Squish. Itch. Ant. Squish. Started looking around and noticed ants across my windshield. Along my window. On my mirror. In the car. In the cup holder. In the backseat. And more! It wasn’t like the car was completely covered but you could count a few everywhere you looked. Here is a picture of my mirror where they seemed to congregate a lot. Wanted to drive the car to Hertz and get another and bitch about it but that would screw up my opportunity to run. So the ants and I traveled together.


Changed out of my work clothes into my running uniform in the parking lot. Got strange looks as it was 60 degrees and my uniform consisted of shorts and shoes. Others were starting their climb in parkas. I kid you not. Hit it pretty steady the whole way up. Right lung cramp as it was pounding into my rib cage. That’s what I get for keeping the intensity down for so long. Pushed through it as the temps kept dropping and the clouds rolled in. I passed a pack of MTBers on the way up. That was pretty sweet. Never share trails with bikes at home but it was fun to out-climb them. Thought I was going to rip lots of time off the PR but ended up only being 2 minutes because the last traverse takes longer than it seems it will. 33:22 to the top which was good for -2 minutes on the PR.

Mission Peak

That’s the south end of the San Francisco Bay. Its pretty much marshy crap down there and not beachfront property.

Mission Peak

Looking SE towards the other peaks which I ran to last time. Not today though. Time, light and the cooling temps were a factor.

Mission Peak

View to the NE. More brown hills. This area is so pretty in the spring when its green for about 3 days.

Mission Peak

Descended carefully. Last time I ran down this with Glenn I turned my ankle twice. But today, I never turned an ankle. I was just solid and on and while I thought about my ankle a lot, I had confidence that it was going to land solid every time. Pushed the pace down into the 6s near the end just for fun. Round trip was less than an hour so that seemed pretty solid. As I tagged the watch at the end, I realized something — my hip never hurt at all on that run. What the fuck is that about? Why, nearly a month later, does it choose to cooperate? I was pretty pissy about it and still am. This injury was untimely and not expected. Feels like a personal failure and I still am bitter about it. It was hard to look on the bright side and realize that it now might be better. Only one run but its a start. Might hurt tomorrow again, but I will take every other run…then every 3rd, 4th, and so on until it is no more. Then I will be smarter about this in the future. Anyway, successful outing even though it stirred up a lot of shitty feelings.

Met up with Luke for dinner and drank beer and ate Mexican food. Talked about running and then work. Luke follows all my adventures and has been in and out of running as time and injuries permit for him. He asked how things were after the “life changing 100 miler” and I simply said, “nothing much changed”. I meant that its not the race that changes you. Its the preparation. That raised the bar. The race was just a long day.


I went 5.73 miles with an elevation gain of 2,090 feet in 00:56:39, which is an average pace of 09:52. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.