Run: Coyote Creek (6.54 mi @ 08:09)

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MT100s. Much easier effort than yesterday. Hip seemed to cooperate but its on edge the whole time. Knee cap hurts to start before ligaments loosen up. Right hamstring actually seemed the tightest overall and is probably a key factor in this ball of twine injury. Everyday is something new. Ended up going out further on purpose for some extra time and distance. Felt OK on return as well but was happy to stop and not press it. Might hit a hill in the morning for a real test.

Last day with my family so I had lunch with them and then took them to the airport today so they could get back home. I get to stay through Friday for meetings and a workshop. Its good to be here from time to time to get to focus 100% on work. Anway, Reagan ate 12 orange slices at lunch and was rather proud of herself. Given she usually pretty much only eats mac-n-cheese and blue ice cream, this was a good moment.


Ended up working until about 9 PM and then needed to go and eat dinner. Must be back in Silicon Valley because I don’t do that at home. But at least my favorite place is open until 1 AM!


Back at the hotel, I was catching up on all I missed and noticed this video. Terrain looks oddly familiar. So does the actor. Hmmm….all I can say is that the needles don’t hurt that bad on me. What word rhymes with wussie?

I went 6.54 miles with an elevation gain of 15 feet in 00:53:19, which is an average pace of 08:09. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.