Run: Coyote Creek (5.08 mi @ 07:13)

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Continuing on the 5 mile a day strategy a bit longer. Nice and warm back in San Jose. Ran a usual loop out here where I circle part of Cisco then hit the trail then run by the In-N-Out burger. Today was one of those days where it just felt good to run harder. So I did. The hip was on alert but never raised the white flag. Holding low 6s felt steady but not hard. Really excited to actually work the speed one of these days and put all this new aerobic fitness to the test. I felt like going further but was happy with the intensity and I stuck to the plan. Its weird how fast days like that just pop up out of nowhere once in a while.

For today’s entertainment, I gave the kids the choice of activities. The unanimous winner was California’s Great America theme park. Who wouldn’t pick roller coasters I suppose at that age! Fine by us. Oddly, we used to live within walking distance of the park but never set foot there a single time. I had only been there once before back during internship days and never returned. its a decent park but no Cedar Point (in Ohio). But the proximity can’t be beat.

Luckily, they had enough to keep Kayla busy too. Not easy to entertain a 1 year old at a theme park in the heat. But we got it done — until she fell asleep. Then it was time to really get after some rides.

Great America

Sydney and Reagan are on opposite ends of the ride spectrum. Sydney is over 48 inches tall and Reagan is under. So they were totally split on what they could do. Sydney could ride some “level 5” roller coasters while Reagan was reduced to rides that bored Sydney to tears. Such a dichotomy. Here is Sydney waiting to ride the Demon for the millionth time. I wanted to puke.

Great America

Reagan enjoyed rides like this. The Drop Zone…well, not quite. Dropping in small increments and not from a huge tower in the sky. But it worked just as well.

Great America

When the day was done, I treated all the girls to their pick of Snoopy dolls — given that was the theme of the kids area — because that’s how we roll!

Great America

Ended up being a hot day spent in the sun here. I can deal when I am in my running uniform with my gear. But Kim and I were pretty fried by the time the park closed. Being a parent is tough work sometimes. You are never “off duty”. On all day, feeding, hydrating, waiting, riding, and pleasing your children. Hope they enjoyed it. Pretty sure it was worth it.

I went 5.08 miles with an elevation gain of 13 feet in 00:36:41, which is an average pace of 07:13. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.