Run: Pacific Grove (5.22 mi @ 08:05)

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Same drill as the day before. Capped distance for safety. Things were tight off the bat. Took it slow outbound. Lots of runners on the trail. Noticed a ton of Big Sur Marathon shirts. Felt like I needed to go back and get a Leadville shirt or something to explain my own awesomeness. However, it wasn’t feeling that great so I was happy just settling into the crowds.

Pacific Grove

This stretch of coastline is my favorite. I have such good memories of coming here and driving through during my college internship years, to when we moved to California, to giving people tours, to returning myself as a tourist again.

Pacific Grove

The jog along the sandy trail was slow going but that gave me time to soak up the surf. Missing the sun though. Cold morning on the coast once again. The kids and I love this area. We like to go climb on all those rock outcropping along the water. Tons of stuff to explore. Its like a big playground.

Pacific Grove

Sat on a bench at the turnaround to admire the ocean. Got jazzed with the runners about on the return so pushed the paces into the 6s until I was a 1/2 mile from the end. Felt a little better today but not great. Things are not yet normal and I don’t think I could run a pain free 10.

Pacific Grove

Later in the day, we took a quick glass bottom boat ride out to the kelp forest. You could see tons of jellies under the boat swimming along. Outside the boat, the sea life was basking in the sun that just started to burn off the fog.

Sea Lion

Went over to the best public playground ever — the Dennis the Menace playground. Its huge with lots of slides, bridges, and other things I haven’t seen in parks. Including an old steam train that makes for a great jungle gym.


After that we headed back to San Jose for the rest of the weekend. Oh, we did make one more stop before leaving town. You know. I had to enjoy it just one more time. Call it dinner. This time I ate the scoops in the reverse direction to see if it enhanced the enjoyment. Jury is out.

I went 5.22 miles with an elevation gain of 136 feet in 00:42:15, which is an average pace of 08:05. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.