Run: Monterey Cannery Row (5.00 mi @ 07:49)

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We left Colorado on Thursday night for a family work/play trip to California. We used to live here until 2001 if you are new to the story. Kim hasn’t been back since pre-Kayla so she was ready for a return visit. We got to DIA early to a delayed flight. Had to kill more time before finally boarding. Traveling with kids and keeping everyone happy is a challenge at times. Everyone fell asleep but Reagan so it wasn’t so bad. However, it was 1 AM local (2 AM at home) before we finally got checked in, ready for bed and lights out. But Kayla was not interested in sleeping. Kim and I literally spent the next 3 hours trying to get her to sleep. I wanted to die. You think running through the night at Leadville was hard? Nope. Wanting to sleep and having a screaming 1 year old in a hotel room is much harder. She finally gave up and we fell asleep. I had to wake up a few hours later for work. It wasn’t fun.

After work, we drove to Monterey, one of my favorite areas in the country. Arrived to pretty cold temperatures. The coast does that but I never seem to prepare for it. It was foggy and cool. I luckily brought a sweatshirt but I wasn’t exactly warm and toasty in it. Woke up the next morning early and figured it was time to run. After 2 more days off, I decided to test things out again with a short mileage capped jog along the coast. I left the hotel and felt pretty decent and set the limit at 2.5 miles out then turn around. I didn’t want to have to walk back. Luckily, this was about all my hip could handle as I was hobbling a bit towards the end. Stopped a few times to check out various sea creatures. Had a few quick sections where I pushed the pace into the 6s but overall still not running well.

Monterey Morning Run

Harbor Seal sleeping. They are funny. They pick a rock and just lay across it in a back breaking balancing act.


Gotta eat seafood on the coast. Kim loves this spot. Great movie. Great sign. Wanted to buy the license plate in the gift shop but opted not too. Don’t want to ruin my image.

A Great Motto

Headed over to the aquarium after lunch. Still my favorite aquarium in world by far. However, it was packed. It wasn’t crazy busy because the cool weather kept some folks off the coast, but it was holiday weekend packed busy. Nearly too many people for my tastes. We came on Thanksgiving one year and there were like 10 people in the whole place. Kind of spoiled after that visit.


Did I mention I have nightmares about eels?

I Hate Eels

Crappy photo but the giant octopus there is the coolest thing EVAR.


Had an afternoon snack at Ghirardelli. Most people know of the chocolate but the real secret is that select location have ice cream parlors too! This one is one of those locations and it is always on my itinerary when I am in town. A few years back, they redid their menu and had gotten rid of my favorite dessert, the Cable Car. However, upon my return today, the menu had reverted back to the old favorites and mine was right there on the list. Yes, please!

My Favorite

Its a work of art really. 3 scoops: rocky road, chocolate chip, and chocolate. Covered in fudge and whipped cream. With a chocolate square on the top. And a cherry. I go into a coma eating this. I will not talk until I am done consuming this masterpiece…

My Favorite

I went 5.00 miles with an elevation gain of 50 feet in 00:39:07, which is an average pace of 07:49. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.