Run: Green Mountain [BK/BK] (7.20 mi)

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Met up and ran with Geoff Roes today. We went up the back side of Green. Gave him the tour. However, I wasn’t feeling on at all. Too much time off this hill lately has me needing to return more frequently. A few more trips and I should be back to myself there. Enjoyed talking with Geoff about all things … Read More

Where Did I Get My Speed?

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I thought I “grew it”. Turns out its from my Mom! This weekend she opted for the 4 mile course at the Fort Wayne Fort4Fitness race. She has walked the 1/2 marathon before. So I figured, she was just going to walk the shorter course this year. She is getting old and all. But then tonight she goes on to … Read More

Run: Tour of Oslo 5 (5.02 mi @ 08:47)

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Had to leave for my flight by 7 AM so I got up at 5:30 to get a few more miles in before a long day of travel. Nobody was out as it was dark. The roads were empty. Pretty peaceful. Enjoyed having the town to myself. Ran along the water then looped back through the city. They were setting … Read More

Run: Tour of Oslo 4 (7.08 mi @ 08:29)

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MT100s. Took Ted back out to the park on another loop. Kept the pace down at his request. Chatted about life, houses, work, and running. Always a lot to talk about. Made it back to the hotel and dropped him off. Then did a few more miles as I ran up near the university and back. Trying to keep getting … Read More